Thursday, March 22, 2012


Following the changes to Taperbore and their manufacturing process updates for the new Elixir 7 & 9 last year, Avid is introducing their new X0 Trail brakes. We spotted these a bit earlier, and now it’s confirmed: It’s a full featured 4-piston brake, but the caliper is about the same size and weight as the original 2-piston X0 design!
Backstory: Over the last couple years, the X0 group has been moving more toward trail and DH with 2×10 drivetrains, chain guides and more. Meanwhile, the XX brakes and Elixir 7 & 9 got got complete revamps. Only X0′s brakes remained untouched. No more.
The new Xo Trail brake is positioned as their “quiver killer” in that it’s for anything from XC to DH, and first impressions suggest it may just live up to that hype…

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