Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What are your thoughts on this bike?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Tune Up for Christmas!

Are you giving or getting a new bike for Christmas? If you have received or are giving a bike for Christmas that was purchase at a big box store (Wal Mart, Target etc.) , Lets make sure it is tuned to perfection for those first rides. No offense to those retailers, but they just assemble the bikes. They do not tune them very well. If you take the the time to have the bike tuned professionally it will provide years of enjoyment. If you don't, it may not last that long at all. Over the years I have seen many bikes that were simply not set up and tuned correctly to begin with. Those bikes do not ride very well and they do not provide the enjoyment they should. PLUS they wear out very quickly when they should not. Lets take care of those problems before they happen!!

Tune Ups are 15% off December 26th and 27th OR anytime before Christmas!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Aaron Gwin Hit by Truck while Riding, No Injuries SustainedAaron Gwin Hit by Truck while Riding, No Injuries Sustained
"The Bontrager wheel took the hit for me! The guy rear ended me at like 40 and that's all that happened. My back and elbows are pretty raw, but I'm all good. I was just riding up the side of the road to the trail head. I guess the guy wasn't paying attention and wanted to share the bike lane," Aaron said jokingly.

We're glad you're ok Aaron!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Drew Bezanson is back!

This kids ramp to ramp transfers are just unbelievable! Be sure to watch to the end!

SRAM sticks with cables and ten-speed as new RED leaked

SRAM has today released a 37 second introduction to what's speculated to be range-topping version of its RED groupset.

The video offers very little in terms of detail, though if you're hot on hitting pause at intervals, you'll see the XX casstte retains ten sprockets and the shift levers appear slightly revamped over prior designs.
What is also clear is that SRAM remain a fan of cables, while rivals Campagnolo and Shimano are pushing electronic shifting technologies
Take a look here....

Bearings trickledown to SRAM X9 trigger shifters

Previously just XX and XO shifters carried bearings
SRAM has revealed that, as of January 2012, all X9 trigger shifters will be upgraded to host ball bearings.

Previosuly only featured in XX and XO shifters, both ten and nine-speed triggers will benefit from the tech trickledown.

The ball bearing replaces a bushing, resulting in a more solid feel, more precise shifting, and overall higher performance. The change affects all front and rear shifters, all current colours and speeds—2x10, 3x10 and 3x9.